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This page is a catalog of ftp sites containing information on pencil-and-paper RPGs intended for manual browsing. Once upon a time, such repositories, along with UseNet, served much of the function the web now does.

Update Note: I am, essentially, letting this list drift. Most of the ftp sites in here are rather stale and mouldering. When I created this list well over a decade ago, ftp sites were more important than the web, yet many of the lists were outdated. These days, it is not the list but the sites themselves that are outdated. With time, each check became more frustrating than the last, as sites would go down, never to return. I don’t think I’ve seen one site where things have been touched since the year 2000, so my update rate has slowed greatly. If you want to take over this list, drop me an email via the contact form.
Links last updated June 7, 2011, tested June 7, 2011.

What I don’t list:

  • Any site that is not a ftp site. If you don’t know what a ftp site is, yours probably isn’t a ftp site. Honest.
  • Sites that only contain fluff (game related fiction).
  • Sites that only contain a pile of moves from someone’s game, online or off.

Disclaimer: I make no claims as to the accuracy of any information on this list. All trademarks are the property of their respective companies, and their use here should not be construed as a breach of that companies’ right to that trademark. Use the information here at your own risk.

Special thanks for updates go to: (in alphabetical order):

  • Britt
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