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Gentoo to Ubuntu: A Surprise

My work laptop is a Dell D820.  When I got it, I installed x86_64 Gentoo on it. I kept it up to date every week, switched to newer profiles as I came upon them, and was fairly happy.

After some annoying issues with a cross-build system for work, and finding it worked under a Ubuntu VM, I switched to 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10. I prefer to have my builds as fast as possible, and this was grating on me.

I figured any general slowdown was worth it. Not only would the lack of VM delay speed up me, but I wouldn’t be constantly needing to recompile anymore. I get paid to write code, not to administer a system after all.

So I took the plunge and I’m stunned at how fast it is. It boots significantly faster (and I had taken pains to enable only a minimum of boot-time scripts and have parallel startup on), everything moves more quickly, and longstanding mild annoyances are gone.

All this time I figured switching would be slower. Why didn’t I do this sooner?