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Drowser Implants

As human civilization neared TL10, one great conglomerate run by an entrepreneur responsible for most of the advances in implants suddenly turned its attention to the non-conscious areas in the brain. The reason for this sudden change in direction was unknown to virtually no one but the entrepreneur himself, who was dealing with the fact that his favorite granddaughter had become a mental vegetable after a GEV accident. And so, scientists set out to discover how to reverse this unfortunate condition…

Of course, they succeeded (aren’t happy endings great), more than they even realized. A new implant was designed that replaced large sections of the hindbrain and took over its functions. This implant was called a “Drowser”. The implant managed people’s bodies better than their own brains could, and allowed them to do some things other people just weren’t capable of. People with a Drowser implant have HT +1 (10 points), Acute Taste/Smell +1 (2 points), and the Absolute Timing Advantage (5 Points). They are also able to go into and out of a sleep state at will and sleep no matter what their environment is, and can regain fatigue at the rate of 1 point per 10 minutes. However, this implant is not without its price. If the person is under stress, they must make a Will Roll or go unconscious for 1d minutes! They will go unconscious if they have to make a Fright Check unless they make a critical success on it. However, if they go unconscious, all rolls on the effects of the Fright Check are at -3. It costs 10 points to have a Drowser implant. Originally Appeared in the Book Of Odd Issue #1